Customer Care


Hera Beauty loves each and every one of our Goddesses! Our goal is to bring you back to your full Goddess potential with radiant, youthful, healthy skin with our 100% all natural luxury skin care line. We believe this is not only possible through the purest of ingredients but also with crystal energies. These methods are designed to rejuvenate and restore not only your physical beauty but your inner beauty as well. To bring beauty from balance within while taking care of our precious skin with powerful and pure properties from our Mother Earth. All products are cultivated and harvested with sun charged crystals and energy methods exclusive to Hera Beauty. All products are made to order in micro batches to ensure excellence and satisfaction. All products are non GMO, gluten free, and cruelty free.



Hera Beauty ensures fresh, pure, and most importantly safe products for our costumers. Every product is carefully cultivated and managed to produce the highest in excellence of skincare while ensuring each product is gentle to every skin type. Our goal is to bring you back to the roots of the earth delivering powerful ingredients to radically change your skin, transforming it to its purest perfection in the gentlest way possible. Every item listed has a full list of ingredients, description, and directions. This is to protect our customers from possible allergies and or discontent of certain scents and textures. The directions provide steps to ensure our costumers are receiving the best result from each product. A card with all product information is included with each purchase. 

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