A moisturizing cleansing scrub that exfoliates, deep cleans, and moisturizes with a decadent scent of lavender, vanilla, and honey. A complete skincare regimen in one! Perfect for the Goddess always on the go, time limited, or routine jet setter. The days of packing a full set of products for travel are gone. With its powerful antibacterial properties and antioxidants this skincare system in a jar will transform your skin. 


This product is 100% natural, organic, vegetarian, and cruelty free. 


How to: With hands or wash cloth dampen face using warm water. Scoop quarter size amount into palm. Generously scrub, working into face and or neck. Rinse off product and repeat if desired. 


Hera Hint: The longer you massage into face the more coarse the scrub will become. You manage the intensity of the scrub to the level you prefer with every application. This is great to note for prolonging the product. One small scoop is enough to do the job! 


Hera Hint: Face Paste works as a perfect makeup remover that will leave your skin buffed and glowing. Use alone as an all-in-one regime or add to your routine for those days you need a deeper clean.


Insights: The honey used in Face Paste is 100% raw artisanal honey, hive direct, never barreled, heated or strained. For this, Face Paste will turn color over time from a cream to a blush or deep pink depending on differing temperatures. Not to worry! This is a safe and natural result of the raw unprocessed honey. Raw honey is a powerful natural preservative allowing Face Paste to deliver it's powerful healing properties full force untill the jar runs out! 


Enjoy Goddess


    • Organic completely raw artisanal honey hive direct, never barreled, heated or strained (contains pollen, propolis, and honey combs), organic coconut, organic lavender, organic vanilla, pure organic aluminum free sodium bicarbonate 
    • Available in additional scents, sold separately 
    • Part of our Face Paste collection
    • Hera Beauty exclusive
    • 4 oz
    • Ascending moon charged Rose Quartz: Attracts love, heals emotional trauma 

    • Descending moon charged Rose Quarts: Clears anger 

    • Descending moon charged Amber:  Anti-anxiety remedy, rids fatigue and weariness