A toning mist with essentilas like aloe vera and lime that tone, tighten and brighten. Day Spray is the perfect toner after your face cleansing routine. This formula quickly closes pores while delivering anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Calming skin irritations, sunburn, and swelling. Day Spray locks in moisture while protecting skin from pollutions. These citrus oil blends heal skin's texture with an overal tightening feel and appearance. 


This product is 100% natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty free.


How to: Use after cleansing routine before moisturizing. Hold Day Spray about 7 to 10 inches from skin. Spray generously around face, neck, and chest. Use as much or as little as desired. 


Hera Hint: Day spray works as an incredible make up setting spray that will lock in your look for hours! Spray onto Make up brushes before application for a dewier more refreshed look.


Hera Hint: Use Day Spray through out the day. The fresh Aloe Citrus cent is absolutley invigorating! Day Spray will keep your look fresh skin quenched! 


Insights: Shake before every use to insure an even application of Day Spray's powerful and essential ingredients. 


Enjoy Goddess


    • Organic aloe vera, organic lemon, organic lime, organic lavender, organic pure witch hazel extract, artesian source spring water
    • Part of our Day Spray collection 
    • Hera Beauty exclusive
    • 4 oz
    • Sun charged Kunzite: Healing of the heart and mind opening the connection between the two
    • Sun charged Peridot: Strength and vitility